Fiio E5 Headphone Amp

fiio e5 headphone amp

Leading brand Fiio has established itself with a top performing range of headphone amps that are packed with performance and features. The Fiio E5 is a headphone amp which continues the Fiio pedigree – delivering deep, resonant bass, enhancing the clarity of the treble range, boosting volume levels and improving audio detail.

The problem with most MP3 Players and Smartphones is that the inbuilt amplifier results in loss of quality and performance. The Fiio E5 is a lightweight, slimline headphone amp which superbly eradicates these problems. The Fiio sound signature delivers exceptional sound quality and is housed in an easy to use, ultraportable metal case (in either silver or black).

Volume and bass levels are controlled from the inbuilt buttons giving you the ultimate control of how you want to hear your MP3 collection. Coming with a built in battery and available at under £20, this headphone amp is the best on the market!